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Triputra's four business groups in the manufacturing business are major players in their respective industries, possessing strong domestic market share as well as the potential to penetrate overseas markets.


Binabusana Internusa

As a part of Triputra Group, Binabusana Internusa (BBI) is Indonesia’s leading apparel company, producing and marketing both local and licensed brand apparel for domestic market and providing production services of high quality apparel for global market.


BBI divided its business into two business units, focused on manufacturing business and fashion retail business unit.


Manufacturing business unit, located at central Java as the center for export based garment manufacturing in Indonesia, BBI have 3 plants such as BBI Semarang, Apparel One Indonesia (AOI) 1 and Apparel One Indonesia (AOI) 2 which all located in Semarang. Produce ranges of categories, BBI Semarang manufactures for fashion garment, sportswear and uniform to some leading companies, while AOI 1 & AOI 2 serves global market for sportswear such as Adidas.  BBI never see them self merely only as a garment manufacturer, but rather, as global brands' key partner for their supply chain activities.


Fashion retail business unit, that have several leading in-house brands such as Valino, Kent & Crew, ANTHM, and licensed apparel brands such as Arnold Palmer and Van Heusen, each with their unique characteristics. From urban, sharp and minimalist styles to casual and relaxed persona, sold in free standing stores and online.


Established in 10 November 1989, BBI has more than 30 years of experience and still continues to aim limitless future opportunities in regional market both branded product and uniform product.


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Kawasan Industri Pulogadung,
Jl. Pulo Buaran II Blok Q1, No. 2
Jakarta 13920, Indonesia
Phone : (62-21) 46820820
Fax : (62-21) 4616086

Kawasan Industri Wijaya Kusuma
Jl. Tugu Wijaya IV, Randu Garut, Kec. Tugu

 Semarang 50181, Indonesia

Phone: (62-24) 8664848


Kawasan Berikat Rukti Mukti BawanaBlok B-05

Jl. Semarang – Kendal KM.12

Semarang 50181, Jawa Tengah.

Phone: (62-24) 8664484


Kawasan Industri Wijaya Kusuma
Jl. Tugu Wijaya IV, Randu Garut, Kec. Tugu

Semarang 50181, Indonesia

Phone: (62-24) 84310055


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Dharma Group

Dharma Group is one of the leading metal-based manufacturing companies in Indonesia with an objective to become a world-class manufacturing company. Started as a metal-based manufacturer for automotive component, Dharma Group has now expanded to several strategic business units such as Industrial component manufacture like cutting tools, mechanical components, electrical distribution system and plastic parts.


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Head Office

Raya Serang Km. 24

Balaraja – Tangerang 15610

Phone : (62-21) 595 1630

Fax : (62-21) 595 1628


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Lemindo Group

Lemindo Group, in partnership with Koyo Sangyo Co. as its principal, was established as an adhesive manufacturer. As one of the largest adhesive manufacturers in Indonesia, Lemindo Group serves domestic and international markets and now has diversified its business portfolio into other chemical products such as coatings and water treatment, as well as building materials under its subsidiary, PT Anugerah Mortar Abadi.


Lemindo Group has access to advance technology through technical cooperation with Konishi Japan Co, Ltd., the largest Japanese adhesive manufacturing company that markets its products in Southeast Asia. In collaboration with Konishi Japan Co. Ltd., Lemindo has established an adhesive manufacturing facility in Vietnam.


For further enquiry please contact:


Head Office

Jl. Lemindo No 1 Cikuda Wanaherang, Gunung Putri

Bogor,  16965

West Java - Indonesia.
Phone : (62-21) 86860018, 8674040 (Hunting)
Fax : (62-21) 86860017, 8673923


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Pako Group

Focusing on producing both steel and alloy wheel rims, Pako Group serves various customers in the domestic OEM market as well as exports to various international OEM markets including Japan, Germany, Hungary, Malaysia and Thailand such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Daihatsu, Suzuki, Honda and Nissan. With collaboration within the three companies, Pako Group’s production capacity has exceeded 2 million alloy wheel rim, 2.9 million steel wheel rim and 500,000 sets of motorcycle wheel rims.


In 2013, Pako Group strengthened its dominance in steel wheel rim by strategic partnership with TOPY (Largest wheel rim manufacturer in the world) and alloy wheel with PT. Astra Otoparts Tbk. with competitive advantages in operational excellence and customer satisfaction.


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Head Office
Jl. Gaya Motor Raya, Sunter II
Jakarta Utara,14330

P.O.Box 1085 JKU


Phone : (62-21) 651 1228

Fax : (62-21) 650 7502

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Menara Kadin Indonesia Lt. 23

Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav 2 & 3

Jakarta 12950


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Telp: +6221 527 4323

Fax: +6221 527 4743

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